Sunday, 29 July 2012


Greenweiz Projects Ltd., Onkar Singh, Vice President.

This is to certify that one no. Automatic Power Factor Control panel for our Project "The Upper Deck resort" at Lonavala was supplied and installed by M/S Neel Controls, Mumbai in November 2008 and have been operating satisfactorily since then.
The Power Factor is maintained within agreed limits as was demonstratd in MSEDCL electricity bill for November 2008 statubg that power factor was 0.99 thus extending Power Factor Incentive of 5% to The Upper Deck Resort Lonavala
We further confirm that the supply, installation and commissioning of the said APFC panel met stringent Quaity norms set by us and M/S Neel Controls completed the entire job on turnkey basis within agreed delivery time.

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DS.Borude, Asst. manager maintenance.

 M/S Neel Industrial system have supplied us 350 KVAR real time power factor corrector system (RTPFCS) in year September 2008.
After installaton we are able to amintain power factor within unity. The unit is user-frindly. FRom last seven manth we donot face any problem with unit. system is quite reliable.
We also have other product link ups, voltage stabilser from NEEL, there service is also prompt.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The two-in-one for voltage and spikes correction-Power Conditioner-Neelpower-Mumbai

Large amount of CNC breakdowns are attributed to fluctuations in voltage and various types of electrical noises like spikes, surges, H. F. noises, ground noises, etc.

Electrical noises are generated due to switching action of breakers, heavy, machinery, capacitor switching, induction hardening, cranes, welding etc.

The use of invertors, DC drives, SMPS, further pollutes the electrical environment,causing severe power quality disturbances to various CNC machines, installed in the plant.

Advanced CNC machines demand stringent standards of power quality for their smooth and trouble-free operations. Neel Powercon eliminates major electrical disturbances and provides clean power to your CNC machines.

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Neelkanth is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral Communication a worldwide reality

It is basic to this mission that Neelkanth continually expand its worldwide network of its services, thereby offering ever-greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its programs.

The mission of a Neelkanth is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop their better future, which in turn foster company’s growth and expansion. 

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Business Philosophies That Help You Create Value for Your Customers -Neelpower-Mumbai

Philosophies That Help You Create Value for Your Customers

Demonstrating the highest standard of business conduct is a core value and an integral part of our operations.

To support you in the communities where your business operates, we continually strive to be the best in all aspects of our business practices, and foster a culture of trust, teamwork, accountability, partnership and open communication.

From here you can review our quality, environmental, safety, health, and corporate citizenship goals and results, as well as our standards of business conduct.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ultra Isolation Transformer- CNC Machines-Neelpower-Mumbai

 Ultra Isolation Transformer

Noise Cut-off (Ultra Isolation) Transformer cuts off noise, so your machine can
perform with the best perfection. Switching of electrical utilities in Industrial &
Commercial environment generates spikes up to 6000 Volts & high frequency
power line Noises. The spikes can cause the failure of thyristors, Microprocessors,
or other active electronic device. 

The high frequency noises can
interfere with Digital-Electronic equipment causing data corruption, erratic
behavior, loss of memory etc.
 The Ultra Isolation Transformer eliminates such noises & attenuates the spikes
to negligible values, providing complete protection against such electrical

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Powerlux-Lighting Energy Management System-Neelpower-Mumbai

Winner of Award at ELECRAMA 2006 Exhibition
Powerlux is a comprehensive Light Energy Management and saving system which is
compatible with lighting loads of all kinds. Powerlux reduces losses, wastage and over
lighting conditions. Using the software, facility operator can locally or remotely access

Powerlux and manage any of the elements listed below.

1.Schedule or manually implement automatic energy reduction levels and on/off
2.Participate in peak shaving / Load shedding / utility energy requirements without
disruptions of work.
3.View power usage and Energy consumption.

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Ground Fault Monitoring System (GFMS)-Neelpower-Mumbai

Ground Fault Monitoring System (GFMS)

The Rise of leakage current in Electrical Power Distributions are quite dangerous,
resulting in Electrical hazards. Leakage Current are due to deterioration of insulations,
negligence of wire man, bad wiring, and inferior / substandard usage of Electrical
Materials, aging or endurance of Electrical environment. First and foremost
importance should be given for the proper Earthing of Electrical Network System. The
Earth Leakage Current are very low and are sensitive leakage current can be
detected by Ground Fault Monitoring System. GFMS detects the leakage current in
the circuit and isolate the power supply by switching off the tripping device –

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